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Melançon, Tremblay and Tritton Take Home Bronze Medals

Montreal, October 28, 2011 – Joliane Melançon, Stéfanie Tremblay and Nicholas Tritton all get to take home bronze medals from winning bouts in each of their respective categories, Friday, at the Pan American Games in Guadalajara, in Mexico.
Having received a pass into the first round of the Under 57 kg category, Joliane Melançon then fell from an Ippon handed out by Brazil’s Rafaela Siva. The Quebecois judoka, currently ranked 22nd in the world, had to then take on repêchage bouts, where she bested Equador’s Diana Villavicencio using a waza-Ari. “I wasn’t very happy with my match; I didn’t feel like I fought like I know how to,” Melançon stated.
In action in the bronze medal round against Argentina’s Melissa Rodriguez, Melançon scored an ippon in 2 minutes and 38 seconds, and won herself the bronze medal. “I really fought well against Rodriguez, I took control of the match from the very beginning, and when we went to the ground, I scored an immobilization.” 
Tritton and Tremblay Win by Ippon
Nicolas Tritton, 14th in the world in the Under 73 kg category, was halted in the semi-final by Brazil’s Bruno Silva, who won by ippon. The Canadian judoka concluded his day in a quarter final battle against American Michael Murty Eldred.
To earn his bronze medal, Tritton had to face Mexico’s Lee Jonathan Mata, and won by ippon 4 minutes 13 seconds. “It was a bit disappointing, because I haven’t seen as much improvement in results over the past four years. Against Silva, I controlled the combat, but I made a mistake, and in judo there’s no room for mistakes.”
Currently ranked 100th in the world in the Under 63 kg category, judoka Stéfanie Tremblay was defeated in her first bout of the day – the quarter final – against Cuba’s Yaritza Abel. After her first match, Tremblay then faced Guatemala’s Yennifer Dominiguez, and won. Next up was Brazil’s Katherine Campos, who also fell by ippon, to the Canadian in 4 minutes and 3 seconds, and thus earned the latter bronze medal.
“I’m happy because I didn’t really have any expectations for these Games, since I just changed weight categories,” indicated Tremblay, who was previously in the Under 57 kg class. “I’m focused on the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, so I’m moving step by step.”   
Mehmedovic Finishes Fifth
Victorious against Peru’s Humberto Alonso Wong in the first round, Sasha Mehmedovic then inflicted an ippon on Brazil’s Leandro Da Cunha in the quarter final.
Prior to moving onto the repêchage, the Canadian judoka then experienced the receiving end of an ippon courtesy of El Salvador’s Carlos A. Figueroa. In the bronze medal bout, Mehmedovic folded against Venezula’s Flavio Israel Verdugo; the Canadian thus finished fifth in the Under 66 kg category.
Saturday, Laurie Wiltshire and Frazer Will will take their turns on the tatami.
Written by Sportcom for Judo Canada