Catherine Beauchemin-Pinard

When Catherine Beauchemin-Pinard was a child, her sister played soccer and her brother practiced another martial art, but Catherine wanted a sport of her own. One day in class, she read something about Nicolas Gill and his passion for judo and that was all it took for her to know she had found what she was looking for. That’s how, at the age of nine, she started her life on the tatami.

She was inspired first by Isabel Latulippe, an athlete from her own club, and then by the Olympic performances of Nicolas Gill, Marie- Hélène Chisholm, and Antoine Valois-Fortier. Catherine is particularly proud of having been ranked top 8 in the world in 2016, which ensured her a seed at the Olympic Games in Rio.

Catherine Beauchemin-Pinard completed a visual arts degree from Cégep Édouard-Montpetit, and is currently pursuing her studies in management at the University of Quebec in Montreal. Her next goal is to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.



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