Étienne Briand

Hailing from Sept-Îles, Étienne Briand is a constantly improving athlete who took up judo at the age of seven. At the time, he hoped to one day be able to beat his father, a black belt.

Today, the University of Montreal stu- dent in math and economics has very different goals for himself, and at the top of his list of objectives is medalling in the World Championship or Olympic Games. In January 2014, Étienne delivered his best performance on the international scene so far and took home the gold medal in the African Open in Casablanca, Morocco.

What Étienne loves about judo, even more than the results, is the feeling of throwing an opponent onto the tatami. To do that, he draws inspiration from his idol, boxing champion Mohamed Ali, whose determination he admires. When Étienne is not training or studying, he likes going to the movies, fishing, and climbing.

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