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Accounting, Grading and Membership services

Francine Latreille

612-2410 Southvale Cr.Ottawa, ONK1B 5K2
Telephone & Fax: 1-877-738-5836


National Training Center

INS-Q – Att: Judo Canada

4141 avenue Pierre-De Coubertin
Montréal, QC
H1V 3N7


Tel: 514-255-1000 poste 404

Fax: 613-702-5002

Interim CEO/HPD  – Nicolas Gill

COO – Assistant director : Patrick Esparbes –

High Performance Manager: Marie-Helene Chisholm

Sport director – Directeur Sportif Andrzej Sadej

Accounting. grading and membership services: Francine Latreille

Assistant National Coach-Senior Men: Michel Almeida

Assistant National Coach-Senior Women: Sasha Mehmedovic

Assistant National Coach – Cadet/Junior: Jean-Pierre Cantin

National Training Center Coach: Janusz Pawlowski:

Head Therapist : Tiffany Hunting


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