Give to our athletes

The new Olympics qualification process requires that our athlete’s goes threw a two years tournament cycle across the world. Each of those fifty tournaments allows the winners of each weight category to accumulate points that will determined their world ranking and their qualification for the Olympics.Only the top athletes of each category will qualified for the Olympics.

The more tournaments an athlete does, the better are his chance of qualifying for the Olympics. Only one of those fifty tournaments is in Canada and naturally that obliges our athletes to be on the road most of the time. All that travelling requires a lot of money and even if our athletes receive some financial support from our different partners, it is insufficient.

That is why your additional financial support is critical. For our athletes, your athletes, more funds means more chances to qualify for the Olympics. Your financial contribution can make the difference. Give our athletes the opportunity to live up their Olympic dreams of proudly representing you and Canada at the next Olympic Games.

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