National Team

Canadian athletes that attained a certain level of competitive performance can  become members of one of the different teams that constitute the overall National Team. According to their age and competitive level on the national and world stages, athletes will be ranked in team A to F. As an example, the best performing Canadian athletes will be found in Team A. Athletes are classified according to their best national and international competition results.

** Dated:  October 1st, 2020

Latest update: September 9th, 2020

Ranking Per Weight Class

(Latest update: September 9th, 2020)

2020 09 09 Judo Canada – Ranking- Dated Oct.1st, 2020- All

Ranking U18-U21-U23

U18- Women: Judo Canada – Ranking- Dated 1er Octobre 2020_U18-Women

U21- Women: (Latest update: September 9th, 2020):2020 09 09 Judo Canada – Ranking- Dated Oct.1,2020- U21-Women

U18- Men: Judo Canada – Ranking- Dated Oct.1st,2020- U18 – Men

U21 – Men ( Latest update: September 9th, 2020) :2020 09 09 – Judo Canada – Ranking- Daté du 1er Octobre 2020- U21 M

U23 – M & W: Judo Canada – Ranking- Dated Oct.1st, 2020- U23 M&W

Ranking ELITE 2021- U18


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