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As the sole Judo federation officially recognize in Canada, Judo Canada abides to a number of organizational policies and guidelines dictated by its desire to excel as an organization and also, by the laws of this country.  Here are some of the important ones to consider:


 By-Law No 1


Harassment policies

Disciplinary Procedures

Disciplinary Policy

Grievances and Appeals

Grievance Appeal Procedure 2012_EN

Equity and Access

Equity and Access Policy_EN

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Official Language

Official Languages EN

National Coaching Certification Policy

National Coaching Certification Policy


Awards and Recognition

Awards and Hall of Fame Policy


National Grading_Syllabus_EN

National Kyu Grading syllabus

Syllabus Forms EN_ ( download the useful files)


 2011-Policy on concussion

 Head Covering

 Head Covering Policy _EN