2012 Olympic Games – Two Painful Defeats in London


London – U.K., July 30, 2012 (Sportcom) – Canadian judokas Joliane Melançon (Under 57 kg) and Nicholas Tritton (Under 73 kg) both saw their Olympic voyage come to an abrupt end after their first bouts, Monday, at the London 2012 Olympic Games.  Blainville’s Melançon was defeated by immobilization, courtesy of Austria’s Sabrina Filmoser; Chateauguay’s Tritton was bested by Uzbekistan’s Navruz Jurakobilov.

The two Canadians took to the tatami at the Excel Centre, where Tritton came closest to accessing second-round matches.

Tritton and Jurakobilov both received defence-position penalties in the first half of the match, Tritton then received another penalty with one minute left of the bout – the penalty that made all the difference after five regulation minutes of action.  With only twelve seconds left, Tritton gave projecting Jurakobilov to the ground a shot, but referees weren’t impressed by the last minute hustle.

“It was so close to being successful, and I have no idea how he got out of it! I thought I would have surely won at that point,” explained Tritton, who accessed first-round competitions directly.  “My second penalty was a bit questionable, and evidently, that which had the most serious consequences overall. Everyone here wants to win; I’ve invested 18 years of my life in judo, and I really wanted to give something back to Judo Canada, who’ve supported me since the beginning,” he stated passionately.  “I wanted my two daughters (aged 2 1/2 years old and 3 months) at home to be proud of me – it’s so hard,” concluded the judoka who is currently ranked 32nd internationally. 

Tritton will take a step back from competitions as he considers his future in the sport.

“So close, just thirty seconds where Nic had been a little more passive and the other guy would have taken advantage,” analyzed Team Canada Head Coach Nicolas Gill.  “And at the end, at the projection, the other guy just, just got out it of.  The Uzbek judoka didn’t fight as he usually does, I would have never thought that bout would end in penalties.”

Joliane Melançon Immobilized

In her inaugural Olympic combat, Melançon had a solid start, rapidly scoring a waza-ari. Austria’s Sabrina Filmoser immediately responded with a ground immobilization which held for 25 full seconds – virtually guaranteeing her the victory with more than three minutes left in the match. 

“It was a bout that was within reach, and I made a mistake, I find that hard to take.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been immobilized, which adds to the disappointment,” commented Melançon, 13th internationally. “Generally speaking, I’m the one who dominates the ground.  Today, I was the one top, my sleeves trapped and I couldn’t do a thing.  When she started to roll, I knew that even if I could get out if it, it was too late.” 

Marie-Hélène Chisholm, Coach of Team Canada’s Women acknowledged that Filmoser (ranked 14th internationally) had performed her ‘specialty’ move.  “She (Filmoser) uses it a lot to win, and there are very few people who are able to replicate that move in practise.  In terms of Joliane’s attack at the beginning of her bout, it was almost an ippon.” 

Antoine Valois-Fortier (Under 81 kg) will be the only Canadian taking part in judo action on Tuesday. 



Written by Sportcom for Judo Canada

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