A 7th place finish for Renaud-Roy


Montréal, September 15, 2013 – Alix Renaud-Roy came away with a 7th place classification in the under 70 kg category, Sunday, at the Rijeka Grand Prix being presented in Croatia.


The only Canadian in action, the Quebecoise won her first bout with an ippon against the Croat Marija Zgalin. In her group final, Renaud-Roy fell by way of an ippon to the Frenchwoman Estelle Fanny Postive.


Her first round victory still gave her a chance to make the podium, with a passage through the repechage required. But she would come up short there, losing to the German Ilana Marzok who scored two yukos in the win. The Quebecer would still walk away with a 7th place finish.


“I’m happy with how my first bout went, she pointed out. I didn’t know my opponent and had no idea what to expect. It’s only my second Grand Prix and I need to take away whatever I can from this experience. I struggled with my grip at the beginning of fights and I wasn’t aggressive enough.”


Guillaume Perrault was also supposed to be in action in the under 90 kg class, Sunday, but had to declare forfeit due to a shoulder injury.


Renaud-Roy will now return back home to train for the upcoming Junior World Championships, where she hopes to medal. “I feel like I have a great chance, she declared. I’ll arrive in Slovenia with a lot of confidence.”




Written by Sportcom for Judo Canada

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