A Massive Medal Harvest for Canada in Cardiff


Montreal, January 25, 2012 – Canadian judokas were fierce competitors at the Commonwealth Championships in Cardiff, Wales once again today.  After a six medal haul Wednesday in Junior level matches, Senior team members earned another twelve medals!  

In the Under 63 kg category, Stéfanie Tremblay won a short final match against fellow Canadian, Ontario’s Monika Burgess, who herself won a bronze on Tuesday in Junior matches.

“After a minute and a half of combat when the score was still 0-0, Stéphanie and Monika attacked at the exact same height.  Monika fractured her collarbone and as a result was unable to continue the bout.  However the positive aspect is that since Monika is still technically considered a Junior competitor, she was really happy with her performance today.  Despite her pain, she wanted to pick up her medal before going to hospital,” explained Canadian coach Sergio Pessoa.

Élodie Lavoie, from Quebec, also earned herself a bronze medal in the Under 63 kg category on Tuesday in Junior competitions.

Earning a gold medal was Audrey Francis Méthot (Under 52 kg), who bested England’s Amelia Cook in an exciting final round.  “It was a great result for Audrey, she recently changed weight category and this is her first match in her new 52 kg class, it’s a great start for her,” commented Pessoa.

In the 57 kg weight class, Ontario’s Nicole Jenicke and Quebec’s Ecaterina Guica won silver and bronze medals, respectively, with Guica winning also a Junior title in her class.  Still in Junior matches, Ontario’s Kaitlyn Dennis (57 kg) also fought her way to a bronze medal.

In action on the tatami in the Under 70 kg category, Alix Renaud-Roy won silver, defeating New Zealand’s Moira DeVillers in the final.  In women’s junior bouts, Renaud-Roy also brought home some hardware, winning silver in her weight category.  Senior competitor Sarah-Myriam Mazouz (70 kg) joined her many-medalled teammates, with her bronze-worthy victory against Wales’ Kate Rennie.

Nova Scotia native Whitney Lohnes battled her way to a silver medal in the Under 48 kg category; the Canadian lost out in the final to England’s Charlotte Farbon.  However, yesterday in Junior competitions Lohnes earned top honours in the grand finale.

In men’s judo action, Guillaume Perrault (90 kg) fought his way to a silver medal against England’s Jon Purssey, who took the gold. “Everything went well in the final, I had a penalty advantage but I attacked a bit weakly and Purssey counter attacked with a waza-ari.  With a few seconds left in the match, he scored an ippon when I was going for a last attack,” analyzed Perrault.

Ontario native Nedjo Sarenac also won a silver medal in the Open category, and a bronze medal in the Under 100 kg class.

In Under 73 kg judo action Derek Langlois (Ontario) grabbed the second step of the podium with a silver medal; in the final, the Canadian was bested by Wales’ Curtis Dodge.  In the same category, Quebec’s Justin Imagawa finished fifth.

Quebec’s Patrick Gagné (66kg) and Ignatio Rodriguez (Over 100 kg) both finished fifth; Diego Sanchez (60 kg) rounds out the results with a seventh place ranking in his category.





Written by Sportcom for Judo Canada


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