Cadet World Championships Team (under 18 years old)


Following the 2013 Canadian Judo Championships for athletes under 18 years old (Cadets) held in Richmond, British Columbia, on July 04, 2013, Judo Canada is pleased to announce its selection for the Cadet World Championships in Miami, USA, August 8-11, 2013. 


Women / Femmes

-44kg BESSON, Marie (QC)                        

-48kg LLOYD, Abby (BC)                                 

-52kg KLIMKAIT, Jessica (ON)

         POLIAKIWSKI, Sydney (SK)


         BURT, Mackenzie (ON)

-63kg PORTUONDO ISASI, Adriana (QC)                

-70kg COULOMBE, Mina (QC)                                 

+70kg PORTUONDO-ISASI, Ana Laura (QC)


Men / Hommes

-50kg MAHMOUD, Ossama (ON)

-55kg YOUSSEF, Yassin (ON)  

-60kg POKLITAR, Georges (QC)

         JUTEAU, Gabriel (QC)

-66kg LANGLOIS, Bradley (ON)                        

-73kg BOUCHER, David (QC)                             

-81kg GOBEIL ST-AMAND, Olivier (QC)

         KRIEBER-GAGNON, Louis (QC)

-90Kg KIM, Sam (BC)

+90kg SWADDEN, Jeff (BC)            


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