Code of Conduct

What to expect from a Judo Coach and/or Instructor:

Coaches and instructors are to follow the Judo Canada Coach’s Code of Conduct.  This document is available if you click here:

Code of Conduct

Your child’s sensei (teacher) should be trained through the National Coaching Certification Program.  This program trains coaches in various areas such as safety, skill development and teaching techniques.

While observing the sensei during a session, you should be able to notice the following:

  • Judo activities are well-communicated, timely and well-organized.
  • The teaching and demonstration of judo skills and technical progressions includes emphasis on safety.
  • Positive feedback is provided to participants to encourage learning and improvement.
  • Injuries are tended to immediately and with appropriate actions.
  • Participants are engaged, organized and enthusiastic during sessions.
  • The experience enhances self-esteem.

It’s also important to know that judokas and their parents, as participants, also have responsibilities.

What to expect from Judoka:

Judo is a sport that can not be practiced and perfected without a partner.  It must be practiced safely and with discipline to fully enjoy its benefits. For this reason, the values of our sport are expectect to become part of the participants’ behaviour both on and off the mat.  The values are:

  • Playing by the rules
  • Co-operating with others
  • Respecting self and others
  • Self-discipline and humility
  • Self-confidence and commitment
  • Perseverance and determination
  • Concentrating and controlling emotions

What to expect from Parents:

Support your child in their effort to improve.  Remember, there is a very thin line between supporting and pushing your child.

Always respect the partners and opponents of your child. Without them, there is no progress, and judo is not possible.

If you like what you see in judo programs, try it out.  Most programs offer judo to adults and often special programs are arranged where children interact on the mat with their parents.  You may become a judoka at any age.  Those who practice judo for life enjoy the social and personal connection developed with the people who share the same passion for judo.

What to expect from a Judo Club:

The Judo Club is registered with Judo Canada through the Provincial/Territorial Judo Association and programs are delivered by a qualified judo coach or instructor.  As such, the  club’s activities in the dojo are covered by a group sport insurance.

All participants in the course are registered with the club, the Provincial/Territorial Judo Association and Judo Canada and benefit from the various membership services.

The Club offers a safe working environment free from any form of negligence, harassment and abuse.

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