Olympic Games – Tcheumeo too strong for Cotton


Montréal, August 2, 2012 – In what was the final day of competition for Canadian judokas at the ExCel Centre, Amy Cotton came up short of attaining Olympic glory, falling in the 1/16 final in the under 78 kg class to current World Champion, Audrey Tcheumeo.

The Frenchwoman wasted no time in imposing her rhythm at the beginning of the bout. Conversely, the 32-year-old Quebecoise, ranked 9th in he world, did little more than fend off the many attacks her opponent threw at her in the first few minutes, and was given a warning for defensive play near the mid-way point in the match.

Cotton was forced to fight a more aggressive style, and for a time she found her bearings. It was Tcheumeo, however, who would strike first, scoring a yuko with 43 seconds remaining in the fight. Try as she might, Cotton was unfortunately unable to throw the Frenchwoman to ground in the waning moments of the bout.

“It’s not easy to take on such a strong judoka, so early on in the tournament. That said, I’m still proud of the way I battled.  I couldn’t give anymore than I gave in this fight,” Cotton explained.

“It was the first time I fought Tcheumeo. I was ready for this bout both physically and mentally, the Quebecoise elaborated. I felt like I was in control of what I wanted to do out there.  My plan before the match was to get my hands in on her, to keep her from making her moves, and I thought I executed that strategy very well.”

“Unfortunately, I misplaced my feet near the end of the fight and she took advantage immediately by sweeping me to ground.  From there I simply ran out of time to mount a comeback,” Cotton concluded.

The judo Olympic tournament comes to a close on Friday, concluding with events in the women’s over 78 kg, and the men’s + 100kg class.  No Canadians qualified in either of these categories.   




Written by Sportcom for Judo Canada

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