Responsible Coaching Movement


As a National Sport governing body, it is Judo Canada’s mandate to ensure a safe environment for all judo programs delivered to our customers, most of whom are children and youth. Such a goal cannot be accomplished without co-operation from all provincial/territorial judo associations, judo clubs and Judo Canada members to follow the Responsible Coaching Movement principles, as well as the offered “Respect in sport” online training courses: Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders, Respect in Sport for Parents, and Respect in the Workplace.

These programs help us promote Judo Canada’s values:

  • Prioritize health and safety
  • Embody the values of fair-play and drug-free sport
  • Seek excellence
  • Positive leadership and respect for others
  • Be transparent in value-driven and policy-based decision making

A commitment from all our members to follow these training courses will ensure a higher and more consistent quality of our programs across the country, instill more confidence in parents entrusting their children to leaders of judo programs and consequently give our athletes a better chance to develop in a safe environment and reach a high level of performance.

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