Strategic Plan

Judo Canada is the national sport governing body for the sport of judo in Canada and has overall authority to provide leadership in promotion and development as well as govern all aspects of Judo in Canada and to select and prepare Canadian teams for international competition. Judo Canada is a not-for-profit Registered Canadian Amateur Athletic Association operating under a board of directors elected by provincial / territorial members.

Looking to 2024
Canada is regarded as an overachieving judo nation, nurturing the growth of Judo and its
contribution to Canadian society, and celebrating its international competitive success.

Support Canadian judokas’ preparation to win medals at World Championships and Olympic /
Paralympic Games.
Guide and engage in initiatives to increase judo participation in Canada.

– Prioritize Health and Safety
– Embody the Values of Fair Play and Drug-free Sport
– Seek Excellence
– Positive Leadership and Respect for Others
– Be Transparent in Policy-Based Decision Making


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